Speed Dating

Speed dating

PrePaired invites you to date between 8 and 15 singles during a fun-filled night at a zingy venue in Melbourne. This is how it works:

  • Your host will welcome you, give you a name tag and a matchcard from 7pm. You will then be introduced to the other guests.
  • At 7.15pm when everyone has arrived and taken a seat, your host will explain how speed dating works.
  • Men will rotate clockwise from one table to another and meet a new lady at each table. You will spend 8 minutes talking with each person. Your host will let you know when it is time to move to a new person. You then use your matchcard to fill in yes or no next to the number your date has on his or her name tag.
  • After you have met about half of all dates, there will be a 15 minutes break with some nibbles and drinks. Take the opportunity to socialise some more with someone you find extra interesting.
  • When you have talked to all people of the opposite sex, you give your host your matchcard.
  • The bar will stay open after the speed dating event so you are free to stay and mingle with the people you have just met.
  • The next day you will receive an email with your matches. Now it is time to act!