PrePaired Challenges make us grow!

Wow, this was a time when we really took action. A guy who had struggled with his challenge got help from an unexpected place. He’ll do something he’s never done before, but really wants to achieve. He will have someone supporting him along the way. 

On Wed 9 May we will find out how the PrePaired Challenge went. I had a challenge that I didn’t succeed with so I asked a guy if he could try. By beeing cheeky he managed and happened to change a woman’s life in a quite substantial way. He will update us next time.

One woman got picked up in the supermarket for the first time in her life. We reached a conclusion about how you best establish a connection with someone attractive out shopping. One woman gave a man – who thought he was nice asking a girl out – another perspective & he thought she had a good point.

Come and share your experiences on Wed 9 May! We learn heaps from each others perspectives & grow together in a relaxed environment.

PrePaired – Get Out There 😉

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