How do you pick up someone attractive in the supermarket?

One cheeky guy had the ultimate tip about how you pick up someone attractive in the supermarket. Do you agree with his tip below?  How would someone act to be able to get a date with you? Share your opinion below and help someone else succeed!

First check so the hottie do not have a wedding ring. Sometimes it can be quite obvious that a person is shopping for a family, but to be sure drop this comment with a cheeky smile:

So your wife (or husband) makes you do all the shopping?

The answer could for example be “Yes, but he/she makes the dinner” or “No, I’m shopping for myself”.

How do you continue from here if the hottie obviously is single? Let PrePaired know how to charm you. Would it for example work to say, that cheese (in your shopping bag) looks delicious, have you tried it before? Or… I don’t want to delay you, but do you fancy a coffee later this week?


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