Discussions during Meetup 9 May: How keen can you be? and others

It was a great turnout, 17 fun singles, and we stayed until about 10pm on Wednesday 9 May. One of the questions raised was how keen can you be?

For example, you have had a great first date and you’d like to text directly and say thanks, I really enjoyed it etc. Could you or do you seem to keen and should wait to the day after or longer?

One of the responses was that you should do the thing that feels right for you. If you feel like texting directly and say thanks you, do it. If your date don’t like it or think you are too keen, perhaps his or hers personality isn’t compatible with yours.

What do you think? Let us know now….

Were you at the Meetup 9 May? Please add what you learned or would like to discuss more.


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