About Us

We have an in depth knowledge of what is on offer for singles in Melbourne and around the world. We have not only read about it, but actually tried it ourselves. We have also talked to thousands of singles about what works and what doesn’t. This way we can quickly establish what would benefit our clients and help them get into the frame of mind that can give them the results they are after, as quickly as possible.

One mould doesn’t fit all. People are ready for different challenges in different stages of their lives. We assist single people to take bite-sized challenges that push them outside their comfort zones, to gain desired relationships. Our clients’ growth has positive effects on our community and in turn, the whole society.

We all learn through stories

We encourage our clients to get involved in PrePaired’s supportive singles community. It is made up of singles that want to improve their dating and love life and have understood the power of learning from each other.

Have you thought about that a lot of our daily interactions are about telling each other stories? That’s how we learn about life and how to improve it. It is helpful to hear that other singles are going through the same challenges and how they dealt with them.

Close to 40 events over the last year

We have hosted close to 40 events over the last year where the focus has been to grow by sharing different perspectives and giving feedback. These events have allowed guys to see it from the girls’ perspectives and girls to see it from the guys’ perspective. There have been a lot of aha-moments for our members.

We do not only talk, but also provide a “Make it Happen” incentive to get our members out of their comfort zone to grow, break barriers and achieve. We unlock our community to make things happen. We allow them to become who they want to be.

On several occasions we have teamed up members who have got out there to support each other to achieve relationship and dating goals. Several members have become very good friends and even couples.


We are PrePaired… for You.

Annette & Will