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How my PrePaired Challenge went and feedback

Below you’ll find a summary of what we talked about during  Melbourne’s Fun Singles Make Things Happen – PrePaired 4 Now Meetup Wednesday 6 June, Wednesday 13 June, Wednesday 20 June, Wednesday 4 July, Wednesday 11 July, Wednesday 18 July, Wednesday 8 August and Wednesday 15 August at N’s Satay Bar in Melbourne. You can also read about the […]

HeartthRob – let’s chat…

PrePaired introduces HeartthRob who will write about his dating experience and discuss different topics relating to dating. He wants you to give your opinion. Do you agree with him or do you see it in a different way? Let us know and join the discussion. …some women don’t know their worth…but when they discover it…such an attractive beautiful […]

PrePaired Challenges make us grow!

Wow, this was a time when we really took action. A guy who had struggled with his challenge got help from an unexpected place. He’ll do something he’s never done before, but really wants to achieve. He will have someone supporting him along the way.  On Wed 9 May we will find out how the […]